90 housing

Rouen & Petit-Quevilly (76)
Programme : Construction of a 90-room hotel, shops, 31 social housing units, 59 in accession and a car park with 197 spaces
Lieu : Rouen & Petit-Quevilly (76)
Réalisation : Phase Pro
Maîtrise d'ouvrage : Cirmad Prospectives
Mission : Base + Visa
Surface plancher : 11 326 m²

Accompanying a major penetrating on the South Shore of the city of Rouen, this "multi" project is the result of a long consultation between a private transaction and elected two cities.

After an exchange of land to enlarge Rouen stage training spaces rugby, the northern boundary of the field, partly owned by the city of Rouen, was retroceded to create that complex very important.

This building is also the foundation stone of the eco-district Flaubert, which will develop in the next ten years the railway wasteland beyond the urban boulevard. For this sober architecture, qualitative, to accompany the movement of automobiles, we used the white insulation concrete, zinc and aluminum anthracite gray.